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The Scottish Young Bowlers Association (SYBA) was founded in 1982, to promote the sport of "Bowling" for young bowlers up to the age of under 16 (at 1st April in each year).

The first President of the SYBA was Andy Houston (Argyll and Bute), who gave his name to the SYBA's Inter-Counties Competition.

Mr Houston was President in both 1983 and 1984.

In 1983 a Singles Tournament took place at Bogleha BC under the "SYBA" banner and 19 youngsters competed.

The winner was Iain Middleton (Ardbeg BC).

In 1984 the "Curtis, Sloane and Hewitt" Cup was given to the Association, to be presented to the winner of the National Singles.

This was duly won by C McNeil (Eyemouth BC) in the first year.

By 1985 the SYBA had reached a membership of 85 Clubs throughout Scotland.

In 1986 the Association was presented with the "Osborne" Cup for the National Pairs and also the "Argyll Marine Plate" for the National Triples.

The first winners of these in 1986 were "Thankerton BC" in the Pairs and "Dalserf BC" in the Triples.

The Bank of Scotland became involved as sponsors for the National Finals in 1987, by which time the number of Clubs in membership of the SYBA had risen to 178.

The Bank of Scotland continued their sponsorship until the year 2000.

1989 saw the commencement of the Inter-Counties competition, for the "Andy Houston" Trophy, with Member Districts each putting forward their 4 rink team, to compete in Area Qualifiers.

The 4 Area finalists then played off, within the President's District, with the winners taking home the "Andy Houston" Trophy as "Scottish Champions".

There is also a "Vice President's" competition played each year - Each District being allowed to select one rink of under 14's, who then compete on a green within the Vice President's district over one day's bowling.

The eventual winners going home with the "Alan Michie" Trophy.

The SYBA currently has 19 Districts from Northern Counties and Highland in the North down as far as Wigtownshire in the South of Scotland.